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Expats in North Cyprus

Many British expats are now living in North Cyprus. The area offers an excellent lifestyle for British expats looking for a higher standard of living for a lower cost, either when they give up work and draw their pensions, or for young families.

​For couples with young children the education system in North Cyprus is very good, with a range of English speaking nursery and primary schools.

People visiting the island quickly fall in love with the unspoilt beauty and slow pace of life - and the crime rate is almost non-existent. Although less commericalised than the south, there are still British pubs and sports bars, a buzzing nightlife in Kyrenia, and English is widely spoken. Expats living in North Cyprus will also find a vast array of clubs and societies dedicated to Brits.

The climate is warm and sunny even in January, there are English newspapers and the cars drive on the left - making it a home from home for British expats in North Cyprus without the rain!

Although the general cost of living has increased over the past few years as popularity has grown, whilst it remains out of the Euro Zone, it is still a very cheap place to live and property for sale in North Cyprus offers some of the best value in the Mediterranean. Alcohol and cigarettes in North Cyprus are exceptionally cheap and many people living in the south will cross the border to buy these. It is also easy for people living in the north to cross the border to the south, where there are a wider range of well known shops and department stores. (A passport is needed to cross).

However, although living costs are low, if you are planning to work in the country you should bear in mind that the average wage is also very low.

Date Published: March 26 2013

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