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Planning a beach wedding?

Beach weddings can create magical, memorable moments for both the happy couple and their guests. It is important to get the little details right, but with careful planning it is possible to achieve a low-cost beach wedding.

Beach weddings which can be as elegant or as simple as you choose them to be.

You can have a quiet, intimate gathering with just a few of your closest friends and family, or you can have a large, spectacular event celebrating with everyone that you know. Whichever way you decide to go, deciding to get married on the beach will prove to be as beautiful a setting as you had hoped for.

When planning beach weddings abroad there are so many great locations to choose from. The Bahamas, Jamaica and Mexico are all very popular, but a little closer to home, Northern Cyprus offers a great location to have a destination beach marriage that doesn't have to break the bank. Like the destinations on the other side of the Atlantic, you can be assured that you'll get almost guaranteed good weather and beautiful sunsets that promises to splash your wedding with reds, oranges and pinks to create a memorable background for your special occasion.

White sands and the blue waters will only add to the setting for your big day, and with a soundtrack of rolling surf and a breeze in your hair, you can meet on the beach in your beautiful dress ready to get married, barefoot.

With a wedding on the beach, you also have the opportunity to create a truly personalised venue with beautiful tropical flowers, music provided by one of the fantastic local bands or you could arrange for a DJ to play all of your favorite tunes. You can also enjoy a long stroll down the sandy beach when it's all over, and take time to soak up all of the wonderful moments that have just taken place.

Beach weddings also give you the opportunity to have your honeymoon in the same location as where you've just had your ceremony, which not only extends the special event but can also save on costs. You can spend a relaxing evening on the sand sipping your favorite wine, and create memories that will last you both for the rest of your lives.

We work with a number of wedding photographers who are experts in beach weddings, capturing the moments as the winds blow through your hair and create a flowing movements in your beautiful wedding gown. You'll have great shots of the two of you at the waters edge playing in the surf, and the sunset can provide you with some great photos full of color and detail.

When you are planning your beach wedding in North Cyprus, you include everything that you have always dreamed about and hoped for in your special day. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime occasion and should be treated as such, so if you would like some help planning a beach wedding in North Cyprus, please contact us.

Date Published: April 26 2013

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