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Top tips for getting married abroad

Getting married abroad can be a great option to create a memorable event, experience something new, and most importantly it will be great fun for you and your guests. However, organising weddings abroad can be tricky, with costs, foreign laws and logistical issues to look out for, so you need to plan well. The following are some of the tips for successful weddings abroad:

Select your destination wisely

You need to ensure that your destination is friendly to all your guests. If possible, find a country that has sufficient sun during the appointed wedding time, but ensure that the climate is favorable to both the young and the elderly people.The weather situation of your preferred destination will also influence you choice of wedding dress, and you'll also need to guide your guests dress appropriately for your marriage and avoid any inconveniences.

The country should also have some wonderful wedding venues, whether at the beach, a famous restaurant, garden or a historic landmark that will make your wedding day truly remarkable.

You also want to make sure everyone is safe and free to enjoy the day, so ensure the destination is safe from any social problems like crime or natural disasters.

Select your guests carefully

Travel for overseas weddings can become costly, so you may need to cut on costs by reducing the number of people in your guest list. You may have to buy air tickets for your family members, and so you may need to reduce any avoidable costs by inviting only a few friends and members of the most immediate family. But remember, people understand how expensive these things can be, and this is YOUR big day so don't worry too much about what neighbours, distant relatives and co-workers might think.

Help your guests plan their journey

Remember that some people find traveling difficult and stressful - they might not be familiar with your wedding destination, or even the flight customs. Help them book their flights and arrange travel documents, and if possible let them fly as a group. Sending someone to receive them at the airport can be extremely welcome, so that they do not feel stranded when they arrive, and organise transfers to and from the wedding reception area.

Budget well

Overseas wedding insurance, photographers, videographer, wedding planners, venue fees, air ticket and airport transfers are just some of the costs involved in overseas weddings. You need to budget well so that you do not run out of cash in a foreign country.

Pull your resources together in advance, and set some money aside for emergencies. Planning, booking in advance and using someone with local knowledge is the key to successful overseas wedding, so seek advice from an experienced overseas wedding planner, who will be able to advise on all the costs involved.

Ensure that you meet all the legal requirements of your host country

Different countries have different marriage laws. Ensure that you meet the minimum age specified in the constitution of your host country, but you also need to meet all the customary requirements and obtain all the necessary licenses required during weddings. Some cultures have strict dressing rules, so make sure you observe these regulations too.

If you are thinking about getting married abroad in North Cyprus, please contact us.

Date Published: April 25 2013

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