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Merry Christmas

​Wishing you all a merry merry christmas filled with love and joy xxxx

Date Published: December 22 2015

New intimate Wedding venue in North Cyprus

​This truly amazing venue is the perfect location for a small private intimate peaceful wedding in North Cyprus. Nestled in the mountains of Ilgaz with breathtaking views of kyrenia and the Mediterranean Sea. The venue has various choices of terracing to host your ceremony and reception. It boasts of 7 bungalows so you have the choice of hiring all the bungalows for your special day extending the day into a long weekend cherished with friends and family. 

Please contact Angelic Events for more info on weddings at Ilgaz plus more photos and info on the bungalows and pricing.

Perfect getaway and ideal for a romantic day 

Date Published: March 16 2015

weddings and honeymoon in North Cyprus

​Outside the Eurozone yet close enough to be able to invite family and friends, it is little wonder that an increasing number of British couples are getting married in North Cyprus.

The Island basks in year-round sunshine and there are several stunning settings to choose from. North Cyprus wedding setting highlights include the pretty hillside village of Bellapais, with its dramatic 14th-century gothic Abbey; the Korineum Golf and Country Club, boasting breath-taking 360-degree coastal and mountain views; and not forgetting miles of glorious sandy beach.

Honeymoons in North Cyprus

Those choosing to honeymoon in North Cyprus are in good company: it is said that Richard the Lionheart spent his at St. Hilarion Castle near Kyrenia. The distinctive triple turret layout gives St. Hilarion something of a fairytale feel and is reputed to have inspired Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty Castle.

From five-star luxury to intimate adults-only boutique hotels, there are many excellent accommodation options in North Cyprus, which are a great choice for a North Cyprus honeymoon.

Contact Angelic Events for more info on Weddings and honeymooning in North Cyprus.

Feel free to also check out our facebook page for recent weddings and tips.

Date Published: January 09 2015

Every single flower you may need for your wedding

Before meeting your wedding florist it is a good idea to put together a list of wedding flowers you may need. This will also help you with your budget. When arranging a wedding abroad it works slightly differently as you will be sending your ideas to your wedding planner to research your ideas. This list will help you and your wedding planner get you the best package possible.

​Firstly a checklist of flowers you may need 

personal flowers:

Brides bouquet

Bridesmaids bouquets ( can be bouquets, corsages, bracelets or hair flowers depending on your budget)

buttonholes for groom and ushers/bestman

Buttonholes/corsages for close family members

 Thank you bouquets

Ceremony flowers:

Entry or welcome decoration and flowers

ceremony table

Aisle decoration


Reception Flowers:

centrepieces for tables and top table


Lounge area decor and surrounding areaS

Bar arrangements or flowers

Cake and guest book table flowers and decor

When arranging a wedding in North Cyprus you must remember that some decor and flowers will not suit the weather conditions for example very delicate flowers wilt from the heat and humidity if you are having a wedding between mid June-Sept.  Wedding flowers in North Cyprus need to be ordered at least 2 months before the wedding date as all flowers are imported from overseas, therefore some flowers may be more costly than in the uk.

When working with our brides we like to have photos, ideas and moodboards sent over so that we can get you quotes based on your ideas.  We will also advise you if needed and give our ideas to help with your theme and special day.

Heres a list of All year around flowers:

1: Gerbera

2: cherry brandy rose

3: alstroemeria

4: Eucalyptus

5: Veronica

6: Lisianthus

7: Ocean song rose

8: Spray rose

9: Gypsophilia

10: cool water rose


12: Spray chrysanthemum


14: hypericum berry

16: phlox

17: Carnation

Date Published: November 25 2014

Weddings and Love in North Cyprus

Weddings in North Cyprus at Kybele Bellapais

​by Marion Stuart

They say when you marry in June, you're a bride, all your life, and the boy who marries a June bride, has a sweetheart for a wife."  This song from the film Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is one with words that provide hope for a long and happy marriage .

Add to that the idea that Cyprus is the Island of Love which draws lovers to itself, and you have the perfect time and place for wedding.s Cyprus in June.

Several couples came to 'tie the knot' during the monthof June. Each of them different, with different stories as to how their love brought them to the point of pledging a lifelong commitment under the skies of the island of the Goddess of love.


Of the many, here are just two of those both taking place at the popular Kybele Restaurant, Bellapais. North Cyprus


The evening of the 7th June at the Kybele Restaurant (a favourite with many wedding couples) was one which smiled down on the wedding of Mentes Korucan and his bride Tanya from the Ukraine.  Earlier in the day, one bride had been bitterly disappointed as her outdoor wedding was well and truly rained 'off' and had to be brought inside. But the evening saw the clouds and rain disappear, and for Mentes and Tanya it was a perfect evening. Friends and family witnessed  a ceremony in which the couple exchanged vows. Tanya has limited English but was able to say a loud 'I do' .  Mentes who has spent time working in U.K, but who has had art exhibitions at Bellapais, had a dream that if he married it would be in that spot. Little did he realise that when he went to the Ukraine for a wedding that he would meet the girl of his dreams and be marrying her .  For many years Mentes had a mop of curly hair and created artistic works on canvas. Today he has lost the curls, and wrote a new episode on the canvas of his life on which is written the hope that all the dreams they share will become reality through the years as they continue to add colour and shape to the canvas of their joint lives.

Following the ceremony the guests enjoyed a splendid meal at Kybele Restaurant with a music duo creating background music and later music for dancing, as Mentes and Tanya started the late evening dancing.


When Adele Newby and Chris Kershaw began planning their wedding  nearly two years ago, they had a guest list which included Chris much loved father Stephen, and various grandparents and other relatives who meant much to the couple.  Sadly, when the day of their marriage dawned, (the 20th June) following a very sad period in their live,s all these beloved people, including the dog Holly, who had been the close companionof Stephen , had died. 

The couple, who had met at university in 2004 fell in love almost form day one, and became inseparable following their first date to the Zoo.  They even spent seven months touring the world and in their own words ' this gave us priceless memories and an incredible experience'.  Priceless memories are important to Adele and Chris and they were determined that the loved ones who should have been  there, were there. And so each of the lost loved ones were there, without paying air fare and without taking up a chair, and they were there in the hearts, in the genes, and the pockets and handbags of family. This is probably a first for Cyprus and in fact for the world, that some of the ashes of the lost loved ones were taken to the wedding . A wonderful touch that had great meaning.

Stephen Kershaw had a property at Lapta which meant that the couple had come many times to Cyprus, and before he even proposed, Chris knew this was th e place for the wedding of his (and her) dreams. 

The event was one full of love and support and some ninety nine guests witnessed the ceremonies when vows were exchanged and tears were shed , and thanks given for the main supporters of the day, Best men, Richard Kempson and Richard Kershaw, with bridesmaids Rebecca Newby, Isobel Newby, Lizzie Robinson, and Chloe Green.   Michelle and Tracey, the mothers of the couple both read moving pieces, with both declaring they hoped they would soon be grandmothers.The speeches which preceeded the bridal supper were full of humour and tales of the couple as children, some to the point of making them blush.   The couple from near Chester will be honeymooning later in the year in Singapore and Malaysia and promised on their return to try to make the future grandmothers happy.

Kybele under the guidance of wedding planner, Jade and Yonel Angelic Events, made the day perfect with their caring staff and well organised timetable.

Two pairs of sweethearts whose lives are part of North Cyprus and where Cyprus will continue to be part of their lives as Mentes a Turkish Cypriot pursues his career , and teaching his new wife English whilst tyring to learn Russian, and as Chris and Adele will return as they can to the home that Stephen has made a part of their lives.

Date Published: September 01 2014

Wedding dress advice for weddings in hot climates

So you have decided to marry in North Cyprus. Here are some do's and dont's advice before choosing your wedding dress

The dos…

Seek out lightweight fabrics such as tulle and chiffon. Chiffon is very flattering and cool, it won’t crease up after travelling and you can hang it in a steamy shower room and any small creases will fall out after just 20 minutes. Consider silk chiffon if you can afford it as it’s slightly more luxurious.

Consider a wedding dress with a low, sexy back, with strings of beads falling from shoulder to shoulder. This looks beautiful if you’ve managed to get a tan first and the guests will love looking at the back of your dress while you’re saying your vows.

Think about style details where the dress might have tulle or chiffon lengths of fabric that will catch the breeze. If your dress does have details like this, you may not need a traditional veil. Also look for pretty detailed necklines that will make up for the simplicity of the rest of the dress.

Always try to aim for a puddle train which literally means it sits behind your ankles like a puddle of fabric and doesn’t look too out of place on a beach or at a tropical resort.

The don’ts…

Avoid heavy, thick satins that will make you look and feel overdressed for the beach.Also, don’t buy a wedding dress with too many layers of petticoats, as they will stick to your legs in hot weather.

Steer clear of dresses with a heavy corset – they will make you sweat more and you’ll feel awkward and unable to breathe in high temperatures. Get the right underwear and you’ll have all the support you need.

Don’t use spray tan before you wear your dress as it could rub off onto the fabric and make it look dirty. Spend a few days sun bathing before the big day, and remember to use sun block. It’s better to look pale than sunburned.

Date Published: May 12 2014

Weddings in North Cyprus

What better place to celebrate your romantic fairytale day than on the beautiful island of Cyprus, birthplace of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love.

North Cyprus has everything to make your wedding dreams come true, with sun-kissed beaches, spectacular wedding locations, breathtaking scenery, the crystal clear waters of the Mediterranean, the list goes on. It is also a lot cheaper to get married in North Cyprus than it is in the UK, or any other European country. Angelic Events can  take care of all your paperwork for you, to make sure your dream wedding runs smoothly so you are left to enjoy special moments with your family and friends. We at Angelic Events  speak English and Turkish fluently ensuring that your wedding day runs smoothly. We are the only wedding planners on the Island who will arrange a wedding or Event at any venue chosen by our couples, be it on a deserted beach in karpaz, by a historical ruin in Famagusta, by the Bellapais Abbey over looking Kyrenia or any chosen hotel/restaurant/private villa on the Island.

For more info and advice on getting married in North Cyprus and weddings on this breathtaking Island please contact Angelic Events - wedding Planners in North Cyprus.  We will help and advise  you with every detail of your dream day leaving you to cherish every moment of your time on this Island.


Tel: 0090 533 831 6699

Date Published: May 12 2014

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