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Oliver & Darya

​With families in Britain and Kazakhstan and an engagement in Bangkok, the wedding of Oliver and Darya Slevin was always going to have an international flavour, and in North Cyprus they found the dream location for their perfect day.


The couple

Oliver and Darya Slevin married on 16th September 2011.

The venue

The ceremony took place under the ancient, dramatic arches of Bellapais Abbey, overlooked by mountains and with views of the Mediterranean in the background. The wedding party then moved on to Merit Crystal Cove Hotel for a luxurious reception, with the sea creating a soundtrack of gentle waves as the sun set.

The big day

Having the wedding in North Cyprus meant there were no long haul flights or visa complications to worry about, so Oliver and Darya were able to share their big day with all their loved ones from the UK and Kazakhstan.  They used Angelic Events to coordinate all paperwork and bookings, and to source trusted local suppliers for personalised touches like food, hair and cakes.

Darya wore a beautiful, traditional white dress from San Patrick, complimented by a bouquet of crisp white roses. After the ceremony Darya changed into a new outfit for the evening, allowing her to stay cool and comfortable in the Cyprus sun, but keep the beauty and grandeur of a traditional wedding for the photographs.

The food added a local flavour to the reception as guests were treated to a feast of meze, roasted veal and delicious Turkish desserts.

“My favourite moment was walking through the arch towards my husband with a backdrop of hundreds of people, though not just guests but tourists too,” says Darya, “They were very respectful and all clapped my entrance, which made for great atmosphere and a stunning scene.”

The honeymoon

Having the wedding in such an ideal tourist destination allowed the couple to spend two weeks in the sun with their friends and family. Oliver and Darya had then planned a delayed honeymoon the year after the wedding, but within a month the couple were delighted to find out Darya was expecting their first baby.

Top tips

“If you are going to get married abroad it definitely helps to have someone local to sort out the paperwork, especially instances where people need to attend – without a wedding planner based in North Cyprus it wouldn’t have been achievable,” says Darya.

“Also,” adds Oliver, “Three-piece suit and tie

in September is not necessarily a good idea. While I think it looked great, the beads of sweat down the forehead, not so much!”

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